Spezialwerkzeuge für die Drehteileindustrie

Insert tools for internal machining

Mini Boring Tools for Internal Machining

  • Boring from diam. 1,0 mm
  • Internal grooving from 5,0 mm
  • Internal threading from 5,0 mm
















  • Boring from diam. 0,7 mm
  • Internal grooving from 2,0 mm


We can supply extremely small boring tools:

  • from diam. 0,7 with solid carbide inserts
  • from diam. 3,5 with small carbide inserts
  • from diam. 4,5 with 3-edged carbide inserts

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We use modern, high-performance coatings. Our small inserts for diam. 3,5 and 4,5 are also available out of solid PCD or CBN.

You will find that our tools are very competitive regarding technical quality and price-performance-ratio.

Our tools are the solution for your machining problems. All tools are stock standard.

Please order our catalogue Mini - Internal Machining!




Extension of our tool system Minifix - from now on also available with indexable inserts