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Part-off Systems




















System DIE / SSDA

The V-shaped prism at bottom and top of the inserts ensures an exact fit and perfect changing precision

You have the choice among two toolholder types:

  • Solid version (SSDA-System)
  • tools with changeable clamps and support blades (DIE-System)


Advantages of solid tools:

  • Reduced height
  • Also suitable for machines that offer limited space, e.g. sliding head machines


Advantages of tools with changeable support blade and clamps:

  • In case of a crash you can change the support blade and/or the clamp, instead of having to buy a complete new toolholder.


The System SSDA is a very rigid and economical multiple-purpose part-off system.

Please order our part-off catalogue SSDA / DIE.




Our part-off system DIE-DECO is designed especially to suit TORNOS DECO machines. This tool will convince you because of its outstanding rigidity and stability.

We can supply various types of part-off inserts in widths 1.6 / 2.4 / 3.2. The inserts have one cutting edge and can be offered for a very competitive pricing. The tool-life is exceptional, also and especially in stainless steels.

Please order our catalogue DIE-DECO Part-Off System