Spezialwerkzeuge für die Drehteileindustrie

Company Profile

Founded in 1962
Founder: Otto Dieterle
Convertion into GmbH: 1979
General Managers: Michael und Stefan Dieterle

In the first years we mainly produced cam sets for lathes. In 1964 we built our first company building, and moved in in the same year. At about the same time we started the production of cam clots, and were the first to offer a comprehensive catalogue of cam clots for al common lathes. The company was growing quickly, so new premises became necessary very soon.

In 1972 we moved into a new office and production building. The abundant space made it possible to expand in a future-orientated way. We started to produce profile ground tools for external and internal machining. At the same time we began to trade with lathe accessories such as collets and guide bushes, therefore enabling our customers to buy almost their complete tool requirements from one supplier only. In 1984 we introduced our innovative and technically advanced range of insert tools for automatic lathes.

Extensive investments in sophisticated machinery and checking/control devices guaranteed for this range to become very successful. Over the years we have continuously expanded our range with new tool conceptions and inventions, while we always took the requirements of our customers into account. Our insert tooling range still has the momentum to produce a positive effect on all departments of our company. Current machining problems are, and will always be, a challenge for us to produce solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Our company┬┤s philosophy

Our special knowledge in the technically advanced field of producing turned parts enables us to produce tooling solutions which are outside of typical standards. We are convinced that quality is the most important factor for the future prospects of any company in that market. This is why we are always searching for new solutions to solve new problems of our customers. It is our aim to help our customers succeed on their market through supplying best solutions for their manufacturing problems.


Companies like Siemens, Bosch, Alcatel-SEL, AEG, Daimler-Chrysler, Aesculap, VDO, to name but a few, are loyal customers because they rely on our high technical standard and the quality of our tooling.