SSXA Turning Tools for Swiss Type Machines

1st choice for small diameters

• Cutting depth from 3.0 mm
• Ideal ratio of cutting width to cutting depth
• Minimization of vibrations while turning

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SSXA Langdrehwerkzeuge

Stable Insert Seat

The precisely ground insert seat guarantees a very high degree of stability. If the first blade is damaged, the second blade can still be used, since the insert seat is fitted separately into the tool holder.

High Level of Repeat Accuracy

By tightening the screw, the rhombic ground inserts seat is pulled form-fit into the tool-holder and thus, guarantees a high level of repeat accuracy and stability. Sintered insert seats are a lot less precise by comparison. Changing inserts is simple and quick due to the fixing with only one screw.

SSXA Plattensitz

Internal Coolant Supply with Fully Adjustable Nozzle

Tool holders of the System SSXA are also available with internal coolant supply. The oil spray for cooling can be fully adjusted with a nozzle by means of a compression fitting. As the well-directed positioning of the oil spray guarantees an ideal cooling and also washes chips away, the service life is considerably increased.

SSXA Innenkühlung

SSXA Tool Holders

Tool holder shank sizes from 8x8 to 16x16

   SSXA-T06: Tool holders with conventional fixing - without or with internal coolant supply - without or with subspindle
   SSXA-06: Tool holders with fixing on the control side - without or with internal coolant supply
   SSXA-F08: For large cutting depths up to 8.5 mm - without or with subspindle Abstechen mit Abgreifspindel (verjüngter Halter), für große Stechtiefen ab 8,5 mm
   SSXA-T08: For very large cutting depths up to 13 mm - without or with internal coolant supply



SSXA Halter

SSXA Indexable Insert Types:

  SAEL: Grooving and turning
  SAFW: Grooving and turning
  SAEP: Grooving and turning
  SALP: Turning
  SAAK: Parting off
  SAGS: Threading Partial Profile
  SAGSV: Threading Full Profile
Profiled Inserts
SSXA Wendeplattentypen

New Geometries

Download Download: NEW: Leaflet SSXA Turning Tool - New Geometries

Neue SAEL Geometrie New SAEL Geometry for Grooving & Turning:
All-round applicable grooving and turning insert with corner radius
Neue SAEP Geometrie New SAEP Geometry for Grooving & Turning:
Used for copy turning of fine profiles behind the collar
Neue SALP Geometrie New SALP Geometry for Turning:
Classic copying insert, especially for undercuts

SA.. Profiled Inserts

Solid carbide profiled inserts depending on tool holder system:


tmax = 6,2


tmax = 6,2


tmax = 8,5


tmax = 13

1 2
6 8

Order Parameters for SA.. Profiled Inserts

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