Spezialwerkzeuge für die Drehteileindustrie

Form Grooving Systems

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" System FIX-PROFIL"

System FH and BFH

We produce round and flat form tools for all machine types, out of HSS or carbide-tipped! All materials used are of exceptional, well-established quality. We grind our profiles optically or by CNC, on sophisticated Swiss or German machines.


With the help of a magnified profile drawing we can control the profile on the tool visually or by camera.






Our own distortion correction software, which takes into account clearance angles and top rake angle on the tool, makes it possible to correct distortions when producing the profile drawing and the CNC-programme.

Profile drawings are being plotted with a precision that can not be achieved in a manually produced drawing.


Each profile tool we produce gets its own specific production number, which is printed onto the tool. If you to re-order and give us the production number, we have instant access to all required data of the tool.

Your advantages:

  • Shortened delivery time!
  • Rationalized production - form grooving is faster than turning!
  • Easy control: With a precise form tool it is enough to measure one spot of the component only.
  • Constant quality.




System BFH . Dovetail Form Tooling System (AWN seat)

  • Rigid fit of the insert also in axial direction
  • Very economical because of the regrinding possibilities, saves cost and time!


As the support blade is changeable, toolholders can often be used again for different profile forms.








System SC and CS

Inserts with 2 cutting edges. A very economical solution, e.g. for narrow grooves or circlip grooves











System TOFP and TOKP

for Tornos multi-spindle machines

  • Changeable solid carbide inserts for form grooving
  • Regrindable many times
  • No brazing

    TOKP insertsor calibrating operations