Contours without Transition Radii

The company Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG manufactures very high-quality medical technology products that are used worldwide. The family-owned company develops, produces and sells instruments for the dental industry, surgery and the jewelry industry under the brand name Komet. Production takes place exclusively in Lemgo, in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region in the north of Germany. Brasseler currently employs around 1,200 people at the Lemgo site and 1,400 worldwide.

For the production of support shafts for various grinding tools, Brasseler uses the long-proven LWP system from the company Dieterle in Rottweil, Germany. The material used is 1.4034, and production takes place on a Citizen B12E. With their four-edged indexable inserts, the tools of the LWP system are a very economical solution for longitudinal turning. At Brasseler, the LWP tools are used to produce contours without transition radii, i.e. turning is performed with as sharp an edge as possible. This type of machining has a rather unfavorable effect on tool life, as the tools are exposed to high cutting forces. With the robust LWP tools, however, very good tool lives are achieved even with this demanding machining operation. One of the reasons for this is the tangentially upright insert, which can absorb very high cutting forces. Das System LWP im Einsatz bei Brasseler zur Produk-tion von Konturen ohne ÜbergangsradienThe LWP system in use at Brasseler for the production of contours without transition radii
Von links: Christian Sims, Einrichter bei Brasseler, und Manuel Giesbrecht, Auszubildender bei Brasseler, beim Einrichten der MaschineFrom left:
Christian Sims, machine operator at Brasseler, and Manuel Giesbrecht, apprentice at Brasseler, setting up the machine.
The drawn bar material is machined to the finished dimension with only one cut. With a cutting depth of over 1 mm at a length of more than 30 mm, the required surface quality is easily achieved. The surface of the tool cutting edges is provided with a modern PVD coating, which has proven itself especially at high cutting speeds.
The cutting inserts of the LWP system are available in two sizes: LWP-S7 with a cutting depth of up to 2.5 mm and LWP-11 with a cutting depth of up to 4.0 mm. Both sizes are available with different corner radii or sharp edges. Due to the four cutting edges, the price-performance ratio of the LWP per cutting edge system is very attractive compared to conventionally ground ISO inserts. The matching holders are stocked in the usual shank dimensions and are also available with internal coolant supply. The inserts can be easily changed on typical sliding headstock lathes without removing the holder from the operator's side. The simple handling of the insert change is another major advantage of the LWP sliding headstock system. LWP: Wirtschaftliches Werkzeugsystem mit 4-schneidiger Wendeschneidplatte zum LängsdrehenLWP: Economical tooling system with 4-edged indexable insert for longitudinal turning