Polygon Cutters

Polygon cutters are ideal for the rapid production of key flats on small turned parts.
Through polygon turning 2, 4, 6, or 8 flats can be realised, and also special forms, shuch as 5 flats or rhombuses. Depending on the equipment and transmission ratio, the different polygons can be flexibly produced with the same polygon cutter. Compared to milling, this process offers considerable time savings.



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Polygon Cutters

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Advantages of Polygon Turning

  • Faster than milling
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 flats
  • Special shapes (e.g. 5 flats or rhomboids)
  • Adjustable cassettes for tight tolerances
  • Production of different polygons with the same tool


Our polygon cutters are available with adjustable cartridges (System PFV) or without adjustable cartridges (System SM). Polygonal cutters with adjustable cassettes offer the advantage that individual key surfaces can be adjusted. This makes it possible to implement even very tight tolerances within the polygon without any problems.

Tool holder: PFV.. / SM.., inserts: SMP..

System PFV

Polygon cutters with adjustable cartridges as holder for the indexable inserts




    System SM

    Classic polygon cutters in one piece




      Application example 6 flats:

      Polygon turning of 6 flats

      Application example 2 flats:

      Polygon turning of 2 flats

      Application example 5 flats:

      Polygon turning of 5 flats

      Application example special form:

      Polygon turning of special forms



      Important information about polygon milling:

      • Alignment of control shaft between workpiece and tool is essential
      • The number of surfaces produced on the workpiece depends on the transmission ratio between the workpiece and the tool as well as the number of cutting edges
      • Small degrees of crowning on the flats cannot be avoided, in this regard we can advise you in detail to find the optimal solution
      • Applicable in grooving and sliding head turning operations
      • Infeed preferably in axial direction for ideal running smoothness
      • Higher infeed is possible in axial direction than in radial direction



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