Turning Tools for External Machining

Flexible tool systems for various external machining applications.

 Download: Catalogue Turning Tools for External Machining

Download: Catalogue ISO-Code and Dieterle-Code for Indexable Inserts

Drehwerkzeuge für die Außenbearbeitung
System SDAC System SDAC: Copy turning with standard ISO indexable inserts
System Unicop System Unicop: Efficient copy turning tool for large cutting depths and cutting forces
System Uniflex System Uniflex: Reliable system for small sliding head machines
System LWP System LWP: Efficient turning tool that features indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
System SLHC System SLHC: Tool holder for ISO CC.. geometries
System STAC System STAC: Tool holder for ISO TC.. geometries
System SSAC System SSAC: Tool holder for ISO SC.. geometries