Machining Solutions for Plastics Technology

Traditional materials are increasingly being replaced by engineering plastics with customized properties. For technical as well as economic reasons, by far not all plastic parts can be manufactured by injection molding. This is why plastic machining is becoming more and more important and the turned parts industry is constantly facing new challenges in terms of precision and economy. We have been meeting these challenges for years and offer a special tool system for machining plastics.

It takes a lot of experience and the right tools to achieve optimal results when machining plastics. Similar to the processing of different metals, the special features of the individual materials must be taken into account when processing different plastics in order to determine the optimal cutting tools and parameters.

We offer comprehensive machining solutions for the special requirements of plastics technology:


Standard Tools for Machining Plastics

As only supplier on the market, we offer a special tool system for machining plastics as standard tools from stock. This unique system offers many advantages for machining plastics compared to convenient tools:

  • Extremely sharp cutting edges
  • Very good chip control
  • Individual design of the blade and cutting geometry
  • Especially polished sections for thermosetting plastics, thermoplasts, elastomers, rubber, PTFE, etc. (e.g. to avoid burrs)
  • Chiplessly parting off elastomers

Chipless Cutting with the KBS System


Chipless cutting witht KP-2-9-RX-A-UFK2
Sealing washers

  • Extremely sharp cutting edges enable chipless cutting of elastomers
  • Little heat development and no sticking of the material
  • Very good surfaces on the workpieces

The following indexable insert types are available for chipless cutting with the KBS system:

KP-2-7-RX.. KP-2-9-RX.. KP-2-7-12°.. KP-2-9-12°.. KP-2-7-12°-VG.. KP-2-9-12°-VG..
tmax=10mm tmax=18mm tmax=10mm tmax=18mm tmax=10mm tmax=18mm
KP-2-9-RX.. KP-2-9-12°.. KP-2-9-12°-VG..


Plastic machining with the KP-VCGT System



Turning with KP-VCGT-11-S-K10,
Chipless cutting witht KP-2-7-12°-12-B-UFK2
Sealing washers

  • Circumferentially ground indexable inserts with polished chip breaker
  • Good chip removal with little heat development
  • Very good surfaces on the workpieces

The following types of indexable inserts are available for machining plastics with the KP-VCGT system:

KP-VCGT-11.. KP-VCGT-16.. KP-VCGT-22.. KP-VCGT-07.. KP-VCGT-13..
tmax = 7,0 mm tmax = 6,2 mm tmax = 10,5 mm tmax = 2,8 mm tmax = 5,5 mm
KP-VCGT-11.. KP-VCGT-22.. KP-VCGT-13..


Special Tools for Machining Plastics

In addition to our standard tools for machining plastics, we can realise a large number of special tools for you according to your individual requirements. With our special tools for machining plastics, bellows, special seals and many other plastic turned parts can be manufactured precisely and efficiently. We are happy to help!