True All-Rounders

Erich Lacher Präzisionsteile GmbH & Co. KG manufactures turning and gearing parts at Pforzheim, Germany, for customers from a wide range of industries all over the world. On a total production area of 8,000 m², turned parts, worms, gears and pinions are manufactured on more than 200 machines. Around 240 employees use their know-how to ensure that individual customer requirements are met flexibly, punctually and precisely. Well elaborated processes, certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as modern machinery are designed to achieve product quality in the sense of zero-defect tolerance.

Around 2,000 tons of metal are processed annually for the production of more than 350 million precision parts. A wide variety of materials are used for the diverse product portfolio: from free-cutting, stainless and high-speed steel as well as brass alloys of all kinds to titanium, aluminum, copper and bronze alloys and materials that are difficult to machine such as chrome alloys and lead-free brass. The varying machining properties of these materials and the high demand for precision require a tool supplier that is flexible and reliable. Auswahl verschiedener Präzisionteile der Firma Erich La-cherSelection of various precision parts from Erich Lacher

For parting off workpieces, among other things, the choice of tool supplier fell on Dieterle from Rottweil, Germany.

"The DAK parting off system from Dieterle is a real all-rounder and offers the right insert for every application," says Manfred Mayer, head of the turning-multispindle department at Erich Lacher. "Optimum tool life allows our 3-shift operation to run smoothly. In addition, the high accuracy of the parting off inserts ensures that no problems have yet arisen during an insert change. No other supplier offers these geometries or parting off inserts with comparable results," he continues.

In großzügigen Produktionshallen entstehen Präzisionteile für einen weltweiten KundenstammPrecision parts are produced in spacious production halls for a worldwide customer base

DAK parting off inserts from DieterleDAK parting off inserts from Dieterle Dieterle's DAK parting off system guarantees an exact guidance of the insert as it is fixed via double prism V-forms on top and at the bottom. The tool holders are available both as classic parting-off tools in one piece with chucking screw as well as with exchangeable clamps and supporting plates. Carbide indexable inserts are available in cutting widths of 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm. The cutting edge geometries ensure optimum chip breaking. With the right cutting parameters, very good surface qualities are achieved.
DAK parting off system in use at Erich Lacher DAK parting off system in use at Erich Lacher

DAK parting off system in use at Erich Lacher

The long-standing, cooperative partnership between Erich Lacher and Dieterle is the basis for new ideas and developments from which both companies benefit. Demanding precision turned parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries require a great deal of expertise and experience, whether produced on conventional cam-controlled machines or with state-of-the-art CNC technology. Varying material properties constantly pose new challenges which are met with continuous further developments in the field of production technology. The two companies are currently working on achieving even better results in the machining of abrasive materials through the use of new coatings. From right: Mr. Mayer, Erich Lacher, and Mr. Rottler, Dieterle, in conversationFrom right: Mr. Mayer, Erich Lacher, and Mr. Rottler, Dieterle, in conversation