Wide Range of Tools for Machining Precious Metals

C.HAFNER is one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of precious metal technology. In addition to precious metal separation, i.e. the recycling of precious metals, C.HAFNER develops and produces innovative alloys, cast materials, semi-finished products, solders as well as components made of precious metals.

As a specialist for the production and processing of precious metal alloys, C.HAFNER manufactures components according to customer-specific requirements for a wide range of industries. Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum have special challenges when it comes to machining. To achieve maximum precision and process reliability, C.HAFNER relies on precision tools from Dieterle, a company based in Rottweil, Germany, for component production.

"Dieterle offers a wide range of tools that are necessary and useful for our production," comments Daniel Malthaner, who is responsible for tool purchasing at C.HAFNER. "In particular, we must mention the clearly arranged and well-described range of tools available for Escomatic machines. In addition, the price-performance ratio is very good." he continues.

Von links: Daniel Malthaner, Werkzeug-Einkauf bei C.HAFNER, und Peter Rottler, Außendienst bei DieterleFrom left: Daniel Malthaner, Tool Purchasing at C.HAFNER, and Peter Rottler, Field Service at Dieterle
Werkstück aus Edelmetall für Durchflussmessungen in der Analytik und MedizintechnikWorkpiece made of precious metal for flow measurements in analytics and medical In the field of turning technology, complex components in the diameter range from 0.2 to 52 mm can be machined from the rod at C.HAFNER. Machines of the type Traub TNL18 as well as Escomatic D2 and NM are used for the production of workpieces made of precious metal for flow measurements in analytics and medical technology. Form drills, special reamers, grooving inserts, indexable inserts with PCD tipping as well as a special exchangeable insert system for Escomatic machines from Dieterle are used on these machines. Dieterle tools achieve high accuracy when drilling, reaming, contour turning, and parting off precious metal workpieces. In addition, the profile-specific form grooving tools, which were specially developed for C.HAFNER by Dieterle, guarantee short throughput times and high process reliability.
Customized form drills and reamers developed according to drawings are available from Dieterle in a wide variety of designs. The technical parameters of the tools are adapted to the workpiece and the material to be machined. As a result, several work steps can be combined into one when manufacturing a workpiece and costs can be reduced.
Grooving inserts and indexable inserts with PCD tipping can be easily selected and directly requested on the Dieterle website via filter and search functions. Form grooving tools are also available with PCD tipping on request.

Dieterle's interchangeable insert system, specially developed for Escomatic machines, consists of base holders for the various types  of Escomatic machines, tool holders for the various interchangeable inserts and the cutting geometries required for each application. These tools can also be easily selected online using filter and search functions and requested directly. In addition to a large number of indexable inserts from the standard program, customer-specific profiled indexable inserts are also available.

C.HAFNER and Dieterle are looking forward to a continuing good cooperation in order to achieve optimum results in the processing of precious metals.

Wechselplattensystem für Escomatic MaschinenInterchangeable insert system for Escomatic machines