(Internal Grooving and Form Drilling Tool)

An exchangeable insert system as alternative for brazed low-profile drills and very expensive solid carbide tools.

Download Download: Leaflet System Drillwex


  • Profile drilling
  • Internal profile drilling (axially and/or radially)
  • Axial profile grooving
System Drillwex

Versatile & Flexible

Tool holders are available in all common clamping diameters (10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 25 mm). Interchangeable inserts in three different widths can be used for each shank size. This makes the System DRILWEX especially versatile and flexible.


Stable Insert Pocket

The interchangeable insert is not only fixed by a screw but rather a safety screw and an additional fixation via clamp and screw guarantee ideal stability.


High Change Accuracy

The ground, prismed shaped insert pocket guarantees an exact fixation of the interchangeable insert. This ensures that the machining of your workpieces is very precise on a continuous basis. Sintered insert seats are a lot less precise by comparison.


Ground Tool Holders

The tool holders of our System Drillwex are ground, and thus extremely precise. On demand, the tool holders are also available with internal coolant supply.

In addition to the DRILLWEX internal grooving and form drilling tools listed above, we also offer form drills and form mills, as well as standard drills and mills.