Internal Thread Whirling Tools
in Special Versions

Highest precision for producing internal threads by whirling technology in the smallest ranges according to your requirements!

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System MINIWIBEX - Sophisticated Internal Thread Whirling Tools in Standard and Special Versions:

  • Ideal for long-chipping materials such as titanium, stainless steels, etc.
  • Ø-range of M 0.7 and even smaller
  • For the production of metric ISO threads or UNF threads with a flank angle of 60°
  • Produced precisely single- or multi-toothed according to your requirements
  • Available in various coatings

Especially for the requirements in medical and dental technology, watch industry and other branches of precision engineering.
We guarantee the highest surface qualities!

Internal Thread Whirling without Predrilling

With the MWE-VT tools of our system MINIWIBEX internal thread whirling without predrilling is possible. MWE-VT tools can realize a drill hole and a thread in one go, and thus save a tool place in the machin

Our internal thread whirling tools of the System MINIWIBEX are also available in standard versions for various types and depths of threads.

For producing external threads by whirling technology, we recommend our System ROTOWIBEX.