Knurling Tools

zeus® knurling tools offer tool solutions for the diverse applications of knurling technology.

We offer cut knurling tools as well as form knurling tools, that can be used in manual machines as well as sliding head machines and CNC machines.

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Form Knurling

Knurl profiles on DIN 82 workpiece

Knurl profiles on DIN 82 workpiece: Form Knurling


  • Non-cutting forming
  • Processing of workpieces suitable for cold forming
  • All knurling forms and profiles can be manufactured
  • Suitable for face and knurling within a bore
  • Knurling up to a shoulder is possible
  • Tool can be started at any location on the workpiece


  • Only minimal preparation of workpiece required
  • Very easy handling of tool (short setup times)


  • Material displacement increases the outer diameter of the workpiece
  • The surface is compacted
  • Form knurling of small diameters is possible only to a limited extent

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Cut Knurling

Knurl profiles on DIN 82 workpiece

Knurl profiles on DIN 82 workpiece: Cut Knurling


  • Alternative cutting process
  • Material removal at axial feed drive
  • Machining of thin-walled, soft and hard-to-machine materials is possible
  • Only cylindrical workpieces can be machined in axial direction
  • Machining of small diameters is possible
  • Maximum precision and surface quality, therefore suitable primarily for visible knurling
  • A plunge cut is necessary for applying the tool in the middle area of the workpiece
  • Knurling up to a shoulder is not possible


  • Requires precise tool adjustment and fine adjustment
  • Requires precise preparation of the workpiece


  • Minimal change in the outer diameter
  • Minimal surface compaction
  • Lower strain on machine than in form knurling
  • Minimum pressure on the workpiece and machine

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