Plastic Machining Tools

As only supplier on the market, we offer a special tool system for machining plastics. This unique system offers many advantages for machining plastics compared to convenient tools.

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Advantages of our Plastic Machining Tools:

  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Very good chip control
  • Individual design of the blade and the cutting geometry
  • Especially polished sections for thermosetting plastics, thermoplasts, elastomers, rubber, PTFE, etc.
    (e.g. to avoid burrs)
  • Chiplessly parting off elastomers
System KBS  System KBS:
Especially developed system for parting off and copying various plastics
Tool holder for machining plastics (System KBS) with incorporated centre height through heightened plate seat
System KB-VCGT  System KP-VCGT:
Highly positive indexable inserts for copying – ideal for creating spherical surfaces
Indexable inserts with insert shape 7.5° or 35°
SDAC-KP-223 NEW: SDAC-KP-2235:
Special indexable inserts of the System KP-VCGT for copying plastic contours with large forming depths