FS-12 Profile Blanks

Profile Blanks

  • Two differnt types
  • FS-12-600 mit b1 = 6,0 mm
  • FS-12-800 mit b1 = 8,0 mm
  • Solid carbide grade K10 or P20

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Right-hand versions shown

Suitable tool holders:

Please consider when choosing the tool holder:

  • FS-12-600 with b1 = 6,0 mm
    -> ANF-12-6 tool holder, ANF-12-6-AX face grooving tool holder
  • FS-10-800 with b1 = 8,0 mm
    -> ANF-12-8 tool holder

System ANF Cutting Data

The system ANF is also available in PCD tipped execution on demand

Description Article No. b1 max. form depth Grade In cart
FS-12-600-UG-N-G1A-K10 101018 6,0 5,5 K10

FS-12-600-UG-N-G1A-P20 101019 6,0 5,5 P20

FS-12-800-UG-N-G1A-K10 101024 8,0 5,5 K10

FS-12-800-UG-N-G1A-P20 101025 8,0 5,5 P20