Precision Tools for Machining

Standard - Tools:

External Machining Internal Machining
Standard Tools for External Machining Standard Tools for Internal Machining
Parting-Off, Grooving, Turning, Copying, Threading, Machining Plastics, Thread Milling, Plain Turning, Polygon Milling, Knurling Drilling, Milling, Turning, Thread Whirling, Broaching, Punching

Special - Tools:

External Machining Internal Machining
Special Tools for External Machining Special Tools for Internal Machining
Form Grooving, Calibrating, Thread Whirling Drilling, Milling, Thread Whirling, Internal Grooving, Face Grooving, Broaching, Punching, Internal Grooving and Form Drilling with Exchangable Inserts, Relieving


Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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Contact us to arrange your preferred appointment for an online consultation with us.

In many cases, our precision tools require explanation in order to achieve optimum machining results that are adapted to your individual requirements. Since real meetings are often difficult in the current situation, we are happy to offer you our support virtually.

Plastics Technology

Plastics Technology

Machining Solutions for Plastics Technology

Industry Knowledge: Plastics Technology

It takes a lot of experience and the right tools to achieve optimal results when machining plastics. We offer comprehensive machining solutions for the special requirements of plastics technology.


Form drills shorten production time

DieterleNews Dez 2020:

Form drills shorten production time

Our precise, durable form drills combine multiple work stages to shorten manufacturing time. We can realize a variety of form drills for you according to your specifications.

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