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In close cooperation with our customers we have developed for more than 55 years machining solutions that guarantee highest precision and productivity. The famous Swabian inventive spirit and solidity characterize our products and services.

We offer you an extraordinarily extensive range of standard and special tools for turning, milling and drilling operations. Whether you are looking for standard solutions off the shelf or individually developed custom solutions for machining your workpieces, we deliver you the optimal tools from a single source.



ROTOWIBEX Aussengewindewirbelwerkzeuge

Precision Tools for Machining

Standard - Tools:

External Machining Internal Machining
Standard Tools for External Machining Standard Tools for Internal Machining
Parting-Off, Grooving, Turning, Copying, Threading, Machining Plastics, Thread Milling, Plain Turning, Polygon Milling, Knurling Drilling, Milling, Turning, Thread Whirling, Broaching, Punching

Special - Tools:

External Machining Internal Machining
Special Tools for External Machining Special Tools for Internal Machining
Form Grooving, Calibrating, Thread Whirling Drilling, Milling, Thread Whirling, Internal Grooving, Face Grooving, Broaching, Punching, Internal Grooving and Form Drilling with Exchangable Inserts, Relieving



Form drills and form mills

Dieterle News Dec19:

Form Drills and Form Mills

Precisely Machining Spanner Flats

Single Toothed Broaching Tools MFE-ST

Single Toothed Broaching Tools MFE-ST

For the precise production of square or hexagonal spanner flats the proven system MINIFIX has been expanded with the new single toothed broaching tools MFE-ST.

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Tool Accessories

Premium Collets from Schaublin

Premium Collets from Schaublin

As the only contractual distributor of Schaublin SA in Germany, we can quickly provide you with the high-quality collets from Switzerland.

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Product News

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